Whether small indie startups or veteran staples of the drugstore aisle (and everything in between), there are many, many Black-owned and founded beauty and wellness brands on the market well worth knowing and supporting. The list is ever-growing, so we’ve put together a database of 233+ of these businesses, viewable both in the list below and as a public Google docs spreadsheet, for a more organized and searchable format.

Our hope is that shoppers will consult it whenever they consider where to spend their dollars, yes, but also that it may serve as a resource for our own editors and our media industry peers as they put together product roundups, for investors looking for new business ventures, for retailers seeking brands to stock, for influencers looking for brands to spotlight and for social media users wanting to see more Black-owned beauty businesses in their feeds. (For more, Julee Wilson has compiled an extensive list of Black-owned brands on her Instagram stories; Alyssa Coscarelli has a dedicated post highlighting Black-owned brands; Byrdie has a great article, too, as do Kayla A. Greaves at InStyle and Maya Allen at Marie Claire. Writer Kaleigh Fasanella has also shared a public spreadsheet of Black-owned beauty brands.)

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