In September 2019, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), in partnership with Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI), launched the “Let’s Talk About Dementia” campaign in the Americas. The campaign aimed to encourage people to talk more openly about dementia. Campaign materials, including posters and social media cards, were made available in Dutch, English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. They not only highlighted the importance of talking about dementia, but also communicated the signs that can be an indication of dementia  and ways to reduce risk factors for the disease.

Social media posts disseminated through the campaign reached almost 800 000 people in the region. One year down the track, the “Let’s talk about dementia” campaign had a significant impact in the region. It brought increasing awareness about the need to better understand dementia and how discussions could improve care for older adults in the Americas.  There were multiple requests to adapt the materials to country contexts and as a result, the duration of the campaign was extended from the initial month of September to include October and November. 


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